Nikkatsu Action: Stray Cat Rock (Music)

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database



Quentin Tarantino, eat your heart out -- because this cool collection of Japanese soundtrack work has more great grooves than you could ever hope to stuff into two volumes of Kill Bill! The work here is all from the "newaction" years of Japanese cinema -- and is done in a mad mix of styles that blends older pop, harder rock, and some great funky touches underneath -- all in a sound as revolutionary to Japanese cinema as some of the best music used in Italy or Germany at the same time! The package is all in Japanese, including the song titles -- but the work on the set speaks plenty for itself even if you can't understand the language -- and if you dig unusual film music and weird funky bits from the early 70s, there's plenty here you'll love right away! Artists include Peter Pan, Michi Aoyama, Hiroki Tamaki, Sou Kaburagi, Mops, Zoo Nee Voo, and others we've never heard of -- all wrapped up in a great package with plenty of great images and a fold-out replica of a vintage movie poster. (Dusty Groove)

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