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  • With rabbits destroying the crops of local farms the towns best and brightest are hard at work trying to come up with a way to do away with these pesky varmints. Elgin Clark (DeForest Kelley) suggest to his neighbors that they enlist the help of a young couple Roy Bennett (Stuart Whitman) and Gerry Bennett (Janet Leigh) the husband and wife team, along with their daughter, start work immediately using their scientific expertise in entomology to develop a hormone treatment that will decrease the sexual re-productivity of the rabbits. This treatment has the side effect of increasing the body mass of the test rabbits. Their daughter insists on keeping a rabbit as a pet and when her parents aren't watching she switches a control rabbit with the test rabbit. On a visit to the farm the daughters genetically altered rabbit is set free in to the near by hills. This is the point when all hell breaks lose, giant rabbits soon start attacking town folks left, right and center, first with a local prospector but soon no one is safe. The ever handy National Guard is soon called in but they are out manned by the ever increasing giant rabbit population so Roy comes up with a plan to use the armed soldiers, locals from a near by drive-in theater, a railway track and a mains power line to build the ultimate rabbit trap. God why didn't they slap that little shit of a daughter, ok her parents were morons but god sake! but ignoring her not even DeForest Kelley could save this film. I like the concept of giant animals running a muck but this made me a bit sleepy, that's not to say I won't watch it again. -- Collector's Edition
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