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“Three motorcycle-riding hoodlums led by an ex-Vietnam medically discharged veteran BRAHMIN... Unsatisfied voracious appetites for criminal violence, terrorizing anyone they find... The desert-crazed BRAHMIN believing he is back in Vietnam fighting Commies. With the indifferent attitude of the local sheriff, the victims must take the law into their own hands. Together, CORY, husband to a brutalized wife, and a lusty Cajun girl named RUBY, wife to a murdered husband, stalk the killers.”

Good Morning...and Goodbye

“Without compromise, without apology, and without question - a motion picture exploring the deepest complexities of contemporary life. The melon-breasted ANGEL, a living invitation - an exaggerated embodiment of woman... The cushion of evil on the throne of immorality... LANA is seventeen, with a slim beautifully curved body carried gracefully on long, intriguing legs. Truly delicious... LOTTIE... A string of “ladyfingers” that never stop exploding and detonating, with a percussion and snap beyond their size... HAJI...elusive, hauntingly seductive, a sorceress... a naked witch, if you will... SYLVIA... the go-go dancer... with a bosom of truly incredible dimension. And Carol Peters as THE NUDE... cantilevered, capacious with a capital double-D... floating gracefully across the silver screen.

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