Monty Python's The Meaning of Life/Soundtrack

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Original music by Monty Python

TRACK LISTING: A1.Introduction A2.Fish Introduction A3.The Meaning of Life A4.Birth A5.Frying Eggs A6.Every Sperm is Sacred A7.Protestant Couple A8.Adventures of Martin Luther A9.Sex Education A10.Trench Warfare A11.The Great Tea of 1914-1918 A12.Fish B1.Terry Gilliam's Intro B2.Accountancy Shanty B3.Zulu Wars B4.The Dungeon Restaurant B5.Live Organ Transplants B6.The Galaxy Song B7.The Not Noël Coward Song B8.Mr. Creosote B9.The Grim Reaper B10.Christmas In Heaven B11.Dedication (To Fish)

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