Mission Kiss and Kill

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Mission Kiss and Kill (1979, Hong Kong) is a Martial Arts film directed by Tso Nam Lee

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Main Details

  • Released in on May 11, 1979
  • Color
  • Production Co: First Films
  • Distribution Co: World Northal (1980) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed) (as 'Mission Kiss and Kill')/IFD Films and Arts (1984) (World-wide) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Tso Nam Lee
  • Written by Hsin Yi Chang
  • Starring Blackie Shou Liang Ko, Yi-Min Li, Jo-Lan Yang, Chi-Ping Chang, Chin Hai Chen


  • Assignment: Death!...He Loved His Work!

Plot Summary

  • Constable Lu is an honest cop embarking on a mission to deliver eight valuable jade miniature horses to a wealthy lord. Blackie co-stars as Lu's partner, together the duo embark on a journey filled with danger and fights at every turn.
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