Mark of the Witch

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    • A college campus terrorized by a killer witch...dead 300 years!
    • Innocent Co-Ed...Or Bride Of The Devil?

    Main details

    • Released in 1970
    • Color
    • Running Time: 84 Min.
    • Production Co: Lone Star Productions (II) | Presidio
    • Distribution Co: Frontier Amusements (1982) (Canada) (theatrical)

    Cast and Crew

    • Directed by Tom Moore
    • Written by Mary Davis, Martha Peters
    • Starring Marie Santell, Robert Elston, Anitra Walsh, Darryl Wells, Gary Brockette, Barbara Brownell
    • Produced by Mary Davis, R.B. McGowen Jr, Patty McKiernan, Thomas W. Moore
    • Original Music by Whitey Thomas
    • Cinematography by Robert Bethard
    • Film Editing by Ken Harrison
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