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Score by Russ Huddleston and Robert Smith Jr.. Packaging features liner notes from "VideoScope" columnist Tim Ferrante and ‘Manos’ vocalist Nicki Mathis.

SIDE A: 1. Family Vacation 2. Love Inside This Magic Circle 3. Baby Do A Thing With Me 4. Adrift in a Sea of Madness 5. Caretaker 6. Decision 7. Portrait of Evil 8. Dog of Death 9. Perversion, Ignorance, Apathy 10. Tomb of Darkness 11. Torgo’s Lament 12. The Search Continues 13. Prayer to Primal Darkness 14. A Strange Gait SIDE B: 1. Uncontrollable Passion 2. A House Divided 3. Manos, Thy Will is Done 4. Chaos 5. An Unfulfilled Desire 6. The Servant Fails the Master 7. Sacrifice 8. The Futility of Fighting Fate 9. Manos Has You Now 10. The Circle of Fate 11. Forgetting You (Love Theme from Manos: The Hands of Fate)

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