Love Me Deadly

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Love Me Deadly (1973, USA) is a Horror film directed by Jacques Lacerte.


Main Details

  • Released in 1973 | Color
  • Running Time: 95 Min.
  • Production Co: United Talent Productions Ltd.
  • Distribution Co: Cinema National (1973) (USA) (theatrical) | Columbia Pictures of Canada (Canada)
  • Directed by Jacques Lacerte
  • Written by Buck Edwards, Jacques Lacerte
  • Starring Mary Charlotte Wilcox, Lyle Waggoner, Christopher Stone, Timothy Scott, Michael Pardue, Dassa Cates, Terri Anne Duvalis, HB Halicki
  • Produced by Buck Edwards, Charles W. Geiger, H.B. Halicki
  • Original Music by Phil Moody
  • Cinematography by David Aaron

Also Known As

  • La necrofila (Italy)
  • Secrets of the Death Room (USA)


  • The Most Shocking Occult Ordeal Ever Permitted on the Screen!
  • First , "The Exorcist," Now ... "Love Me Deadly"
  • She Was Possessed By Demons!
  • A Hunger from Beyond the Grave!
  • WARNING! This Is The Strangest, Most Un-natural Union Ever Consummated Between The Living And The Dead!
  • Lindsay is 18. She visits her Daddy every night.
  • Daddy Is A Naked Corpse On A Slab!
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