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“Ever wonder why wives wander? LORNA graphically portrays the emotions of a voluptuous young wanton. Lorna, married for one year...yet never fully gratified by her husband...is left alone...too long...too often. But Lorna is a woman too much for one man, although loved by her husband, desired by another, she finds fulfilLment in the arms of a brutal stud. Starring the outrageously abundant, cantilevered LORNA MAITLAND - the new standard of beauty by which all women shall be judged.”


“MUDHONEY...a film of ribaldry and violence, extracted from the juice of life... featuring "that girl from LORNA", the pneumatic LORNA MAITLAND, and the beautiful buxotic from Germany...RENA HORTEN, the embodiment of the body. MUDHONEY runs the gamut of emotions... love... hatred... sadism...a story never told so frankly...so intimately. Also featuring the buxom LEE BALLARD... the flirtatious Sister Hanson...add the two country harlots, Eula and Clara Bell, and you, indeed, have too much for one town. MUDHONEY...passion debased by lust...leaving its taste of evil.


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