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  • Region Free
  • Studio:Umbrella Entertainment
  • Special Features: Uncut NQH Interviews with Everett De Roche, Briony Behets, and Vincent Monton • Nature Found Them Guilty: Examining "Long Weekend • Panel discussion with film historians Lee Gambin, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Emma Westwood and Sally Christie • Audio commentary by Executive Producer Richard Brennan and Cinematographer Vincent Monton • Extensive stills gallery accompanied by an audio interview with actor John Hargeaves • Original Theatrical trailer (HD)


  • Label: Turbine
  • Release date: November 9, 2018
  • Uncut, wo cover varieties: Cover A ltd to 1000 copies, Cover B (VHS motif) to 500
  • Extras include a book excerpt by Tobias Hohmann, an audio interview with John Hargreaves
  • Complete German dub for the first time
  • UK and AUS BluRay was missing a short scene, which is included here in HD!
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