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  • Godzseamonster.jpg
    Reggie reviews the kaiju classic GODZILLA VS. THE SEA MONSTER
  • Mjb.png
    Josiah reviews Fred "The Hammer" Williamson's directorial debut MEAN JOHNNY BARROWS
  • Magicc.png
    Alif reviews the offbeat 1969 cult comedy THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN
  • Gumball.png
    Alif reviews the 1976 road racin' cult classic THE GUMBALL RALLY
  • Cityod.png
    Josiah Howard reviews the 1960 gothic horror classic CITY OF THE DEAD
  • Brdynamo.jpg
    Pete reviews the 1978 Brucesploitation classic DYNAMO
  • Darkaug.png
    Josiah Howard reviews the Vermont based 70s psycho-thriller DARK AUGUST
  • Knifeladies.png
    Josh Stephenson reviews the offbeat 1974 Western slasher mashup A KNIFE FOR THE LADIES
  • Dprom.png
    Josiah Howard reviews the 1977 grindhouse revenge-actioner DEATH PROMISE
  • Fbeyond.png
    Josiah Howard reviews the 1974 Amicus horror anthology FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE
  • Lastvic.png
    Josiah Howard reviews the 1975 grindhouse thriller THE LAST VICTIM
  • Vsmooth.png
    Josiah Howard reviews the 1976 Blaxploitation gem VELVET SMOOTH
  • Deathweek.png
    Josiah Howard reviews the 1976 home invasion thriller DEATH WEEKEND
  • Blazing.JPEG
    Nuttawut reviews the 1976 polizio/giallo mash up STRANGE SHADOWS IN AN EMPTY ROOM
  • Stuartg.jpg
    GCDb Remembers Writer-Director Stuart Gordon (1947-2020)
  • Coffinjoe.jpg
    José Mojica Marins aka Coffin Joe - "Brazil's National Boogeyman" (1936-2020)
  • Dyanne.jpg
    GCDb Remembers DYANNE THORNE (1936-2020)
  • Manac1.jpeg
    Sebastian reviews the new hi-def Blu Ray of the 1980 grindhouse slasher classic MANIAC starring the late Joe Spinell
  • Wickedwckd.jpg
    Nuttawut reviews the unique 1973 split-screen slasher WICKED WICKED
  • Tbox.jpg
    Alif reviews the 1978 slasher THE TOOLBOX MURDERS
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