Killer 77, Alive or Dead

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Killer 77, Alive or Dead (1966, Italy/Spain) is a Spy Film directed by Mino Guerrini.


Main Details

  • Released on August 20, 1966 (Italy)
  • Color
  • Running time: 99 minutes
  • Production Co.: Adelphia Compagnia Cinematografica | Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas
  • Distribution Co.: Eckelkamp Verleih (1967) (West Germany) (theatrical) | Les Films Jacques Leitienne (1968) (France) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Mino Guerrini
  • Written by Alfonso Balcázar, Attilio Riccio
  • Starring: Rodd Dana, Alicia Brandet, John Stacy

Plot Summary

  • Lester of the UK Secret Service follows a lead, from a rigged boxing match to Mr. King, a German scientist who is using his power and special knowledge to rebuild a Nazi regime and take over the world.

Also known as

  • Ralph Lester jagt Sicario 77 - Das Geheimnis der tödlichen Strahlen - tot oder lebendig! (Germany, DVD title)
  • Das Geheimnis der tödlichen Strahlen (Germany)
  • Sicario 77 - tot oder lebendig (Spain)
  • Agente End (Spain)
  • Sicario 77, vivo o morto (Italy)
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