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J.C. (1972, USA) is a Biker film directed by William F. McGaha.

J.C. (1972).jpg

Main Details

  • Released in 1972
  • Color
  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Production Co: Wilmac International
  • Distribution Co: AVCO Embassy Pictures (1972) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Directed by William F. McGaha
  • Written by William F. McGaha and Joe Thirty
  • Starring: William F. McGaha, Joanna Moore, Slim Pickens
  • Produced by William F. McGaha
  • Original Music by Paul Jarvis
  • Cinematography by Jerry Crowder
  • Film Editing by Avrum M. Fine (as Avrum Fine)

Also Known As

  • Iron Horseman


  • Preached love...Lived violence!
  • J.C. and his disciples were a gang of broads, bikes and blacks.
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