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Invasion of The Star Creatures (1962, USA) is a Science Fiction-Comedy film directed by Bruno VeSota.


Main Details

  • Released on May 20, 1962 (Alton, IL)
  • B&W
  • Running time: 70 minutes
  • Production Co.: Alta Vista Productions
  • Distribution Co.: American International Pictures
  • Directed by Bruno VeSota
  • Written by Jonathan Haze
  • Starring: Robert Ball, Frank Ray Perilli, Gloria Victor

Plot Summary

  • A pair of comical soldiers (Robert Ball and Frankie Ray) investigate a mysterious crater in an atomic detonation area and discover several beautiful alien vixens (Dolores Reed and Gloria Victor) who plan to conquer the world using an army of vegetable monsters.


  • Beautiful... Deadly... In their Veins the Blood of Monsters!

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