I Passed for White

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I Passed for White (1960, USA) is a race themed film directed by Fred M. Wilcox.


Main Details

  • Released on March 18, 1960
  • B & W
  • Running Time: 93 Min.
  • Production Co: Fred M. Wilcox Enterprises Inc.
  • Distribution Co: Allied Artists Pictures
  • Produced and Directed by Fred M. Wilcox
  • Written by Mary Hastings Bradley, Reba Lee, Fred M. Wilcox
  • Starring: Sonya Wilde, James Franciscus, Patricia Michon
  • Original Music by Jerry Irvin, John Williams
  • Cinematography by George J. Folsey
  • Film Editing by George White

Plot Summary

  • A young girl meets and marries the man of her dreams--only she hasn't told him that she is half-black, and he and his rich family and friends are white.


  • "All He Asked Of Me Was Love...Not The Color Of My Skin!"
  • I look white... I married white... Now I must live with a secret that can destroy us both!
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