I Drink Your Blood

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Main Details

  • Released in 1970 | Color
  • Distribution Co: Cinemation Industries
  • Production Co: Jerry Gross Productions
  • Directed by David E. Durston
  • Starring Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury, Jadine Wong, Rhonda Fultz, George Patterson, Riley Mills
  • Produced by Jerry Gross, Henry Kaplan
  • Editing by Lyman Hallowell
  • Makeup Designing by Irvin Carlton
  • Cinematography by Jacques Demarecaux and Joseph Mangine
  • Music by Clay Pitts

Also Known As

  • Blood Suckers (Germany)
  • Phobia /Hydro-Phobia (working title)
  • Perros rabiosos (Spain)
  • Buveurs de sang (France)
  • Dipsao gia aima (Greece)
  • Die Tollwütigen (Germany)


Like many B-movies of its time, I Drink Your Blood was a Times Square exploitation film and drive-in theater staple. I Drink Your Blood was one of the first movies to receive an X-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America based on violence rather than nudity. Several scenes needed to be altered to qualify the film for an "R" so the producer distributed the original film asking that each projectionist censor the film as seen fit for their market. There were 280 prints made and countless differently censored versions were in circulation. The prints for the Los Angeles and New York City runs were censored by the film's director. (Wikipedia)

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