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While on a cross-country drive, a bitter writer (International superstar Franco Nero of Django) and his beautiful wife (the stunning Corinne Clery of The Story of O and Moonraker) pick up a stranded motorist (the one and only David Hess of Last House On The Left infamy). But when this hitcher turns out to be a depraved psychopath, their road trip takes a vicious detour into sex and savagery where the miles are marked in mayhem and vengeance is the ultimate rule of thumb.

Barely released theatrically in America, Hitch-Hike has been called "one of the greatest exploitation films no one has ever seen." Co-writer/director Pasquale Festa Campanile (director of When Women Had Tails and an Oscar nominee for writing The Four Days of Naples) packs this outstanding sleaze epic with wild performances, extreme violence and some very nasty surprises, all set to a remarkable score by Ennio Morricone (Bird With The Crystal Plumage).

Special Features

  • Documentary: Road to Ruin (26:29)
  • Fully Illustrated Booklet