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Welcome to the Fox Hollows Sanitarium where tendencies toward masochism and nymphomania will be cured with a variety of sex toys and Satanic orgies. Wait, does that actually work?

Hard Gore (1974) is definitely one of the earliest attempts to combine hardcore sex with horror - bloody, gory horror. The story begins as Maria (Dianne Galke) is brought to Fox Hollows by an unidentified male. Dr. George (AVN Hall-of-Famer John Seeman) reassures him that Maria's condition is 100% treatable and she should make a full recovery. Apparently, Fox Hollows doesn't screen it's nurses because as soon as she's taken to her room both ladies begin to introduce themselves. Scissor me timbers!!! Then, onto the showers and we have a very bored Maria. The first night she is met with the corpse of her nurse propped against her door--throat slashed and gushing blood. Screams!! Then down the hall to a pseudo-satanic orgy backed by a score of 70s funk--as any satanic orgy should be!

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This storyline continues much the same throughout. Maria discovers the doctor's plan to sacrifice her at the next orgy, and she prepares herself to fight. The movie ends with an axe and a beating. Oh, and don't forget at one point the dead nurses come back to life, so you get zombie action as well, sort of.

For the attempt, Hard Gore scores a few points. However, 1974 was a great year for non-porn gore films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Black Christmas. Next to these, Hard Gore doesn't really compare. That being said, it was 1974. Vietnam was almost over and Gerald Ford was president. People were F'ing bored. Oh yes, and cocaine was beginning to take over the remainder of the decade. Add all these together, and you've got a damn good excuse to make this kind of movie. Due to the overt goofiness of this film, it's worth checking out. If only to say, "Yeah, I've seen that!"

Reviewed by Texploited

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