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  • Original Music by Solomon Burke & Jerry Styner

Hammer OST.jpg


01. Hey B.J. (Hammer Theme) 02. B.J.'s Turf (The Ride With Lois) 03. Mary At B.J.'s Pad (Mama It's Just Like The Buss, Miss One, Just Catch Another) 04. Roughhouse (Do The James Brown) 05. Brenner Kills Roughhouse 06. Let's Go Celebrate (Champ) 07. The Kit With The Whip (Don't You Cool-Mama Me) 08. Rhoda's Love Scene (Save It For A Rainy Day) 09. Smuggle Chase 10. Champ's Party (Bourgeouise Nigger) 11. I'll Be Your Nigger (Drunk Rhoda) 12. Lois' Love Theme (Loving You Is On My Mind) 13. Sonny Talkin' Trash (What's Happnin') 14. B.J.'s Second Thoughts (The Professor & Davis) 15. Sid's Boys (Theme) 16. Brenner's Got Lois 17. Sid's Swansong 18. Sid Gets It 19. Sonny's Gang (The Fight) 20. B.J. & Brenner (Theme) 21. Hey B.J. (End Theme) 22. Main Theme From Hammer (Bonus)

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