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July 6, 1979

Rialto: Pleasure Palace/ Sweet Throat Victory: Sensual Encounters of Every Kind/ Butterflies/ Executive Secretary Lyric: Meatballs/ Carwash Times Square: Slithis/ Junior Bonner Selwyn: Master Killer/ Duel of the Iron Fists New Amsterdam: Night Wing/ Cheap Detective Cine 42: Game of Death/ Soul Brothers of Kung Fu 2: Good Guys Wear Black Liberty: The Psychic/ Plague Empire: Dragon Fist/ Chinese Mack/ Queen Boxer

July 13, 1979

Victory: Expensive Taste/ Bang Bang You’re Dead/Seduction of Amy Lyric: Meatballs/ Carwash New Amsterdam: Jaws II/ The Big Fix Harris: Prophecy/ The Exorcist II Anco: Dawn of the Dead/ The Chinatown Kid

July 20, 1979

Victory: Misbehavin/ Every Inch a Lady/ SOS Lyric: Battlestar Galactica/ Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Times Square: Master Killer/ Duel of the Iron Fist Selwyn: Female Butcher/ Night Child New Amsterdam: 5 Masters of Death/ Savage Five Liberty: Richard Pryor in Concert/ Ghetto Freaks Empire: Ghostly Face/ Godfather of Kung Fu/ 10 Fingers of Death

July 27, 1979

Victory: Secret Dreams of Mona/ Teenage Sex Mates/ Sex-Rated Wife Lyric: Mean Kung Fu Killer/ Bruce Lee’s Secret New Amsterdam: Wanderers/ The Cop Cine 42: Amityville Horror 2: Amityville Horror Empire: Bronson Lee, Champion/ Kung Fu Brothers/ The Tong Father

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