Graveyard of Honor

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Main Details

  • Released in 1975
  • Color
  • Running Time: 94 Min.
  • Distributed by Toei Studios
  • Directed by Kinji Fukasaku
  • Written by Tatsuhiko Kamoi, Fujita Goro (original)
  • Starring: Tetsuya Watari, Tatsuo Umemiya, Yumi Takigawa, and Hajime Hana
  • Produced by Tatsuo Yoshida
  • Music by Toshiaki Tsushima
  • Cinematography by Hanjiro Nakazawa
  • Edited by Osamu Tanaka


Graveyard of Honor is a 1975 Japanese yakuza film directed by Kinji Fukasaku. Written by Tatsuhiko Kamoi, it adapts Fujita Goro's novel of the same name. It is based on the life of real-life yakuza member Rikio Ishikawa, who is played by Tetsuya Watari. Noboru Ando, who plays Ryunosuke Nozu, was actually a yakuza member before becoming an actor. It won Fukasaku the 1976 Blue Ribbon Award for Best Director. In 1999, Kinema Junpo listed the film tied with several others at number 38 on their aggregated list of the Top 100 Japanese Films of All Time as voted by over one hundred film critics and writers. Four years earlier, it was one of the films tied at 80. Home Vision Entertainment released the movie on DVD in North America in 2004. Takashi Miike directed a remake of it in 2002. (Wikipedia)

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