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Mystery! Murder! Intrigue! Beautiful Women! Yep, that's right, we're talking about Italian Giallo Cinema! These stylish, sexy psychological thrillers were a huge sensation in the early 70s during their heyday. Decades later, thanks to home video, they found a whole new audience with film geeks all over the world. This giallo guide will point you to many of the terrific titles now available on BluRay. To purchase them from Amazon.com, simply click the covers or provided links, and "Buy The BluRay". Thank you for supporting the GCDb!
'''See also'''
* [[Giallo Cinema: 20 Classic Spaghetti Slashers]]
* [[Giallo Cinema: Spaghetti Slashers]]
<gallery widths=200px heights=200px perrow=6 gallery mode="nolines">
Deathwalksboxblu.jpg|link=Death Walks Twice Box Set (BluRay)|[[Death Walks Twice Box Set (BluRay)]]
Fivedollsblu.jpg|link=5 Dolls For an August Moon/BluRay|[[5 Dolls For an August Moon/BluRay|5 Dolls For an August Moon]]
Blackveilblu.jpg|link=A Black Veil for Lisa/BluRay|[[A Black Veil for Lisa/BluRay|A Black Veil for Lisa]]
Lizardskinmmblu.jpg|link=A Lizard In A Woman's Skin/BluRay|[[A Lizard In A Woman's Skin/BluRay|A Lizard In A Woman's Skin]]
Birdplumageblu.jpg|link=The Bird With The Crystal Plumage/BluRay|[[The Bird With The Crystal Plumage/BluRay|The Bird With The Crystal Plumage (UK)]]
BirdWithBLU.jpg|link=The Bird With The Crystal Plumage/BluRay|[[The Bird With The Crystal Plumage/BluRay|The Bird With The Crystal Plumage]]
BBLarrow.jpg|link=Blood and Black Lace/BluRay|[[Blood and Black Lace/BluRay|Blood and Black Lace]]
Catonineblu.jpg|link=The Cat O' Nine Tails/BluRay|[[The Cat O' Nine Tails/BluRay|The Cat O' Nine Tails]]
Catonineblu2.jpg|link=ink=The Cat O' Nine Tails/BluRay|[[The Cat O' Nine Tails/BluRay|The Cat O' Nine Tails (UK)]]
Coldeyesblu.jpg|link=Cold Eyes of Fear/BluRay|[[Cold Eyes of Fear/BluRay|Cold Eyes of Fear]]
Deathoccurredblu.jpg|link=Death Took Place Last Night/BluRay|[[Death Took Place Last Night/BluRay|Death Took Place Last Night]]
Deepredbluus.jpg|link=Deep Red/BluRay|[[Deep Red/BluRay|Deep Red]]
Deep_Red_BR.jpg|link=Deep Red/BluRay|[[Deep Red/BluRay|Deep Red (UK)]]
Deepredarrowblu.jpg|link=Deep Red/BluRay|[[Deep Red/BluRay|Deep Red (UK Limited Edition)]]
4FliesBluRayShameless.gif|link=Four Flies on Grey Velvet/BluRay|[[Four Flies on Grey Velvet/BluRay|Four Flies on Grey Velvet (UK)]]
Evileyeblu.jpg|link=The Girl Who Knew Too Much/BluRay|[[The Girl Who Knew Too Much/BluRay|The Girl Who Knew Too Much]]
Hatchet-honeymoon-br.jpg|link=Hatchet For The Honeymoon/BluRay|[[Hatchet For The Honeymoon/BluRay|Hatchet For The Honeymoon]]
Slaughterhotelblu.jpg|link=Slaughter Hotel/BluRay|[[Slaughter Hotel/BluRay|Slaughter Hotel]]
Strip-nude-killer-br.jpg|link=Strip Nude For Your Killer/BluRay|[[Strip Nude For Your Killer/BluRay|Strip Nude For Your Killer]]
Tenebreblu2.jpg|link=Tenebre/Limited Edition BluRay (US)|[[Tenebre/Limited Edition BluRay (US)|Limited Steelbook Edition]]
Tenebre_UK_BluRay_ArrowVideo.jpg|link=Tenebre/BluRay|[[Tenebre/BluRay|Tenebre (UK)]]
Bay_of_Blood_BR.jpg|link=Twitch Of The Death Nerve/BluRay|[[Twitch Of The Death Nerve/BluRay|Bay of Blood (UK)]]
SolangeBluRayDVD.jpg|link=What Have You Done to Solange?/BluRay|[[What Have You Done to Solange?/BluRay|What Have You Done to Solange? (US/UK)]]
====International Releases====
* [[Giallo BluRay & DVD Germany]] (Deutschland)
* For others, do visit the movie pages and see which others we found and listed
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