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  • The film was originally written to have Corey Feldman as the star, reprising the role of Tommy Jarvis. However, he was already working on The Goonies (1985), so the script was rewritten to have Feldman's appearance limited to a cameo.
  • The scene in which Pam attacks Jason with the chainsaw was shot on Halloween night in 1984.
  • "Victor Faden" can be seen written on the outhouse wall behind Demon. This is the name of the mental patient who hacked Joey to death and was taken away by the police. Many believe this was put there to insinuate the possibility that Victor had escaped and is committing more murders.
  • The movie that Jake and Robin watch on the bed is A Place in the Sun (1951).
  • There is a small black and white photo of 'John Lennon' hanging up behind Dr. Matt Leonard's head in the first scene of them together in his office
  • Tommy's opening dream was different in the original script, and arguably made him seem more of a suspect later on. It opens as more of a continuation from the ending of the previous film - The Final Chapter - as a young Tommy is taken to the same hospital as Jason's corpse. Then, in a sudden fit of psychotic rage, young Tommy winds up attacking half the hospital staff trying to get to the morgue and finding Jason's bloodied body. Once he had finally found the body, Jason suddenly rises from the autopsy table. Immediately after this, the adult Tommy wakes up in the van en route to the Pinehurst house.
  • Not counting the laughing or yelling, the Tommy Jarvis character only says 24 words throughout the whole movie.
  • One month prior to the film's release in the U.S., the Motion Picture Association of America demanded that 16 scenes featuring sex or graphic violence be edited in order to merit an "R" rating instead of an "X" rating. The film ultimately required nine trips to the MPAA before being granted an "R" rating.
  • To keep the storyline a secret, the film was originally called "Repetition", after the David Bowie song of the same name. Several of the other Friday the 13th films have used Bowie songs as fake titles.
  • Although actor Dick Wieand is credited for the part of 'Roy/Jason Voorhees', it was actually stuntman Tom Morga who did the scenes of the impostor Jason wearing the mask and of the real Jason, the hallucination haunting Tommy.
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