Flesh Feast

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Flesh Feast (1970, USA) is a Horror-Sci-Fi film directed by Brad F. Grinter.


Main Details

  • Released on April 8, 1970 (St. Petersburg, FL)
  • Color
  • Running time: 72 minutes | 68 minutes (UK)
  • Production Co.: Viking International Pictures
  • Distribution Co.: Cineworld Pictures
  • Directed by Brad F. Grinter
  • Written by Brad F. Grinter and Thomas Casey
  • Starring: Veronica Lake, Phil Philbin, Doug Foster

Plot Summary

  • A ring of Nazis in Florida is in possession of the body of Adolf Hitler, and plan to revive him so they can take over the world.


  • Morbid horror in vivid COLOR
  • Living bodies used for the most vile experiment ever devised!
  • Creeping, crawling, flesh-eating maggots!
  • Living bodies used for the most vile experiments ever devised by the mind of a madwoman
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