Escape From Women's Prison

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Escape From Women's Prison (1978, USA) is a Women In Prison film directed by Giovanni Brusadori.

Escape from a Women's Prison

Main Details

  • Released in 1978
  • Color
  • Running Time: 91 Min
  • Production Co: Cinema 13 Cooperativa
  • Distribution Co: 21st Century Film Corporation (1982) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed)
  • Directed by Giovanni Brusadori (as Conrad Brueghel)
  • Written by Giovanni Brusadori, George Eastman,Bruno Fontana
  • Starring Lilli Carati, Ines Pellegrini, Marina Daunia, Zora Kerova, Dirce Funari, Filippo De Gara
  • Produced by Bruno Fontana, Aldo Maglietti, Dick Randall
  • Music by Giuseppe Caruso
  • Cinematography by Sebastiano Celeste
  • Film Editing by Pierluigi Leonardi

Plot Summary

  • Four female convicts escape from prison and take a bus full of young female athletes hostage, and take refuge in a judge's house. Soon enough, the police surrounds the place, but the escapees are not giving up without a fight.

Also Known As

  • Le evase - Storie di sesso e di violenze | Canada (French title) - Violez les otages! | Canada (video title) (English title) Women Against Women, a Tale of Sex and Violence | Spain - Las evadidas | France - Violez les otages! | UK - Jailbirds | Greece (video title) Oi sfinges | USA (dubbed version) Escape from Women's Prison | West Germany (video title) - Im Knast der perversen Mädchen | World-wide (English title) Escape from Women's Prison


  • They're bustin' out!
  • Chained, Beaten and Abused ... Now They're Bustin' Out!
  • Chained to their cells, stripped of all possessions, beaten, abused...and now...they're bustin' out!
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