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Oh, boy what a movie! I searched for three years for this movie. This was of course the days before the internet made things a snap. Finally, in January 1998 Bach's Office Video was closing down. Scanning the shelves, I saw it. Its bright red box. Its lurid photo of women in cages. I could not believe what I found. A five dollar bill later I walked out with Trap Them and Kill Them one of the many titles of the movie.

Viewing it I was transported back to an era where graphic violence and soft-core sex ruled the grindhouse! This movie under any of its many titles provides the viewer with a thrill ride of the absurd. Impromptu romps on the docks appear to have been the social norm back in the 1970s. With Laura Gemser the lady in question sign me up! The entire female cast at one point in its 93 minute running time strips bare. Miss Gemser a minimum of five times!

EmanuelleAndTheLastCannibals-LauraG.jpg EmanuelleAndTheLastCannibals-Lau-1.jpg

Those going in expecting hardcore gore will not be disappointed by Emanuelle and the Cannibals. Cannibalism, disembowelments, nipples and cocks cut off, spears through chests you name Joe D'Amato threw it in. D'Amato also mixes in voyeuristic soft-core sex scenes in between the gore scenes. Drawing the viewer in deeper and deeper with a potent mixture of sex and gore.

The direction and cinematography are first rate. The lush tropical jungle scenery is beautiful captured. D'Amato mixes in many exciting action sequences with the camera always in a perfect spot. The sex scenes are captured to bring the utmost eroticism to the screen. Laura Gemser is a feast for the eyes. The score is also top notch by Nico Fidenco especially the closing song “Make Love on the Wing”.

If you haven't witnessed Emanuelle and the Cannibals yet do it now! What's better than an Emanuelle film mixed with blood thirsty cannibals? Nothing.

Reviewed by Greg Smith

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