Doomed To Die

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Main Details

  • Released in 1980
  • Color
  • Running Time: 92 min | UK:85 min (heavily cut)
  • Distribution Co: Eagle Films (1981) (UK) (theatrical) | Alemannia-Filmverleih (1980) (Germany) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Umberto Lenzi
  • Written by Umberto Lenzi
  • Starring Robert Kerman, Janet Agren, Ivan Rassimov, Paola Senatore, Me Me Lai, Fiamma Maglione
  • Produced by Mino Loy, Luciano Martino
  • Original Music by Roberto Donati, Fiamma Maglione
  • Cinematography by Federico Zanni
  • Film Editing by Eugenio Alabiso

Also Known As

  • Antropofagos (comidos vivos) (Spain) (poster title) | Cannibal holocausto 2 (Argentina) (video title) | Comidos vivos! (Spain) | Mangiati vivi dai cannibali (Italy) | La Secte des cannibales (France)
  • Eaten Alive by the Cannibals! (Europe) (English title) | Eaten Alive! (International) (English title) | The Emerald Jungle (USA) (video title)
  • Fate tous zontanous (Greece) (video title) | Lebendig gefressen (Germany) | Massakren i junglens dyb (Denmark) | To Ourliahto ton Kanivalon (Greece) | Vivos Serão Devorados (Brazil) | Ad kannibalov 2 (Russia) (DVD title)


  • They didn't have a chance! | They have a never-ending hunger for human flesh! | The most violent human sacrifice you'll ever see! | Trapped in a jungle of crazy flesh eaters! The terrifying nightmare that became reality!
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