Disco 9000

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Disco 9000 (1977, USA) is a Disco-Blaxploitation-Crime-Cult film directed by D'Urville Martin.


Main Details

  • Released on July 27, 1977 (Oakland, California; Los Angeles premiere on February 1, 1978)
  • Color
  • Running time: 101 minutes
  • Production Co.: Lone Star & Yellow Rose Productions
  • Distribution Co.: Choice & Cosmo Distribution
  • Directed by D'Urville Martin
  • Written by Roland S. Jefferson, Demetrius Johnson, John Poole
  • Starring: John Poole, Jeannie Bell, Harold Nicholas, Nicholas Lewis

Plot Summary

  • Fass Black, an accomplished black man in Los Angeles, is bullied to play another record label's music at his disco club, but continually refuses because it ain't groovy enough.


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