Diary Of A Sinner

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Diary of a Sinner (1974, Canada) is a Sexploitation-Crime film directed by Ed Hunt.

Diary of sinner poster 01.jpg

Main Details

  • Release date: 1974 | Colour
  • Running Time:93 min
  • Production Co: Danton Films Company
  • Directed by Ed Hunt
  • Written By Ed Hunt, Iain Ewing
  • Starring: Iain Ewing, Tom Celli, Amanda Slone, Bree Cole
  • Produced by Iain Ewing
  • Music by Bo Diddley
  • Cinematography by Jock Brandis
  • Film Editing Ed Hunt


  • The revealing story of the shocking exploits of those who fulfill the most bizarre fantasies!


Iain Ewing stars as Dave, a broke, out-of-work actor who moonlights as a pimp. Despondent over breaking up with his girlfriend, Dave befriends effeminate loner Tom (Pleasure Palace's Tom Celli), an ex-priest who lives in the room next to his in a run-down boarding house. Since his neighbour seems just as lonely and suicidal as he is, Dave proposes a suicide pact, in one week, they will flip a coin, and the winner will kill himself. Morbidly interested, Tom agrees, and spends the next week with his new friend on a whirlwind tour of sex and violence. (Canuxploitation.com)

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