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Known DVD releases.




  • Vanilla re-release
  • Contains only the Italian cut with German subtitles
  • Extras: filmArt Trailershow
  • Details and release date tbc
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  • Das Grauen kommt Nachts
  • Filmart Giallo Collection Nr. 3 - 2 Disc set, limited to 1000 copies
  • from FilmArt / Media Target
  • Contains 4 versions of the film
    • uncut version (Original Italian version)
    • short German version
    • German "Vietnam version"
    • alternate "sex version"
  • Audio: German (filtered and unfiltered versions), Italian
  • Subtitles: tbbc
  • Review: at (German)
  • Extras: Audio commentary with Christian Kessler and Pelle Felsch, 12 page booklet with liner notes by Heiko Hartmann, Italian picture novel as PDF file, interviews with Renato Polselli and Mickey Hargitay, alternate scenes from the US version and a trailer.
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