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  • Region 2
  • Studio: Arrow Films
  • Two versions of the film completely uncut for the first time in the UK | Reversible sleeve with original and newly commissioned art work | Two-sided fold-out poster with new art work | Exclusive collector’s booklet featuring brand new writing on Deep Red by Alan Jones, author of ‘Profondo Argento’. DISC 1: Brand new transfer of the Director’s Cut | Optional Dolby 5.1/Stereo Italian Audio and Mono/Stereo English. SPECIAL FEATURES: Introduction by composer Claudio Simonetti | Rosso Recollections – Dario’s Deep Genius | Lady in Red: Daria Nicolodi remembers Profondo Rosso | Music to Murder For! Claudio Simonetti on Deep Red | Original Italian Trailer | Original US Trailer | DISC 2: Brand new transfer of the International Theatrical Cut. SPECIAL FEATURES: A Tour of the Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) shop in Rome with long time Argento collaborator Luigi Cozzi | The English Audio track on the Director’s Cut has some portions of English audio missing. This was either never recorded or has been lost. The English audio has been painstakingly assembled from various audio sources and represents the most complete audio available in a Mono/Stereo audio mix.




  • Region 2
  • Both versions are remastered, anamorphic 2.35:1 and with 2.0 and 5.1 audio options.
  • DISC ONE: Italian Cut (123 min) in Italian & in English with Italian for the missing bits
  • DISC TWO: Export version (100 min) (in English).
  • Extras Include: English Language Audio commentary by Thomas Rostock (a Danish film director and Argento expert). | An Eye for Horror documentary (60 min) | 'Profondo rosso (Deep Red) featurette | Italian and English trailers | Trivia, Bio, Filmographies, slideshow and bonus trailers.

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