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'''David Warbeck''' (born David Mitchell; 17 November 1941 – 23 July 1997) was a New Zealand actor best known for his film roles in Europe.
Having been awarded a scholarship to RADA, Warbeck arrived in Britain in 1965 and became a photographic model.[1] He made his film debut as the title character in Wolfshead: The Legend of Robin Hood, a low-budget film adaptation of the adventures of Robin Hood.[2]
Warbeck next landed a small but important role in Sergio Leone's '''[http://www.swdb.info/index.php/A_Fistful_of_Dynamite A Fistful of Dynamite]'''. This would be his first foray into Italian cinema, which he would make his home within a few years. His good looks got him starring roles in horror films such as [[Trog]] and [[Twins of Evil]].
He also starred in a long-running series of Milk Tray adverts that included the slogan, "And all because the lady loves ... Milk Tray".
====[[Lucio Fulci|Lucio Fulci]]====
Warbeck is perhaps best known for his violent horror film roles in the 1980s. The most noted of these is Lucio Fulci's [[The Beyond]], which propelled Warbeck to cult stardom among genre fans. However, Warbeck never made the transition to mainstream film following this success.
====[[Antonio Margheriti|Antonio Margheriti]]====
Warbeck's most common work during the 1980s was with director Antonio Margheriti. The exploitation film director produced a series of films which played on the success of mainstream releases such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Deer Hunter. Margheriti was best known for his action films, and some of his noted efforts featuring Warbeck were [[Hunters of the Golden Cobra]] (shot back-to-back with Ark of the Sun God) and the Vietnam war film [[The Last Hunter]].
====James Bond====
Thanks to these appearances, Warbeck was being seriously considered as the next James Bond, but the role was taken by Roger Moore. Warbeck claimed that for many years he was paid an amount to be a substitute or back-up Bond on the conditions that he not tell anyone and that he be ready for filming at a moment's notice in the case of Moore leaving or threatening to leave the role. One day he read about Timothy Dalton being chosen and was told by the producers that he was now "too old for the role".[3]
====Later life and death====
In the 1990s Warbeck appeared in several low-budget films. He also concentrated on fan conventions in the United Kingdom and United States, where he was popular due to his work with Fulci. In 1997, a few weeks before his death, Warbeck recorded an audio commentary for the laserdisc release of The Beyond with actress Catriona MacColl. Warbeck died of cancer in London, England on 23 July 1997.
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