Dark of the Sun

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Dark of the Sun is a men-on-a-mission adventure movie starring Rod Taylor and Jim Brown, directed by renowned cinematographer Jack Cardiff (Rambo: First Blood Pt. II) and featuring a great score. Over the years, the movie has gained a cult following due to its exciting, violent, entertaining and daring interpretation of the genre and bending of its conventions. It is cited as an influence, for example on Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.

Dark of the Sun

Main Details

  • Director: Jack Cardiff
  • Written by: Ranald MacDougall, Adrian Spies, Wilbur Smith
  • Starring: Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux, Peter Carsten, Jim Brown
  • Music: Jacques Loussier

Tag lines

Brutes! Savages! Heroes! ...Paid to fight in the fury of the Congo!


The movie is of a very violent nature. In fact, many scenes were cut and never made it into the theatrical version in the first place, and the ratings board required even more cuts. There are scenes of rape (including involving main characters), humans being fed to animals, massacres and people burned alive, and extended fight sequences and killings, among other things. Viewers familiar with the movie will notice that as a result, the editing of the film is noticeably bad in some parts and the omissions thus apparent, e.g. parts of the village massacre or the death scenes of two main characters.

Also known as

  • The Dark of the Sun
  • The Mercenaries (original title)
  • Último tren a Katanga (Spain)
  • Katanga (Germany)
  • Le dernier train du Katanga (France)
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