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  • Disowned by director Sam Raimi, incensed at not being allowed to use Bruce Campbell and having editor Kaye Davis and composer Joseph LoDuca removed by the producers.
  • The role of Vic Ajax was originally intended for Bruce Campbell
  • During the filming, Bruce Campbell had Sam Raimi's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 gutted and substituted it for the "stunt car" in the chase sequence, but Raimi noticed before the scene was filmed and had the car restored.
  • During the storm scene, a newspaper proclaiming "STORM! City in Chaos" is shown. A smaller headline reads "Military seals off Tennessee murder site. Time-space disturbance discovered." This is a reference to Sam Raimi's previous films The Evil Dead and its sequel Evil Dead II, which Raimi was writing at the time.
  • Vic cries "Tally-Ho!" before jumping from car to car. Sam Raimi later had heroes yell "Tally-Ho!" before jumping in two later films: Army of Darkness and Spider-Man. Vic asks Nancy if she'd like to "have lunch some evening". Raimi reused this joke in "Spider-Man" in a scene between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.
  • Producer Robert G. Tapert can be seen sitting at the bar in the Rialto.
  • Co-writers Joel Coen and Ethan Coen appear as newspaper photographers during the prison scenes.
  • Paul L. Smith's voice was dubbed in by another actor during post-production.
  • Sam Raimi: [3-stooges] many, including the bowling balls rolling off the shelf onto the man's head, and a cameo by Stooges
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