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  • Original Music by Donny Hathaway


A1 Main Theme A2. Basie A3. String Segue A4.1 Vegetable Wago A4.2 Harlem Dawn A4.3 Scratchy Record A4.4 Explosion A5.1 Hearse To Graveyard A5.2 Switch "Charleston Blue" B1.1 Come Back Basie B1.2 Detective's Goof B1.3 Gravedigger Jones & Coffin Ed's Funeral B1.4 String Segue B2 Little Ghetto Boy B3.1 Hail To The Queen B3.2 Drag Queen Chase B3.3 Bossa Nova B4 Tim's High B5 Furniture Truck B6.1 Liberation B6.2 Come Back Charleston Blue

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