Cherry Hill High

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Cherry Hill High (1977, USA) is a Sex-Comedy film directed by Alex E. Goitein.

Cherry hill high 1976.jpg

Main Details

  • Released in 1977
  • Color
  • Running Time: 87 Min.
  • Distribution Co: Cannon Films
  • Directed by Alex E. Goitein
  • Written by William Shears, Wylie White
  • Starring: Nina Carson, Lynn Hastings, Gloria Upson, Stephanie Lawlor, Linda McInerney
  • Produced by Robert Feinschreiber, Alex E. Goitein, George Levinson, Dennis Murphy
  • Original Music by Walter E. Sear
  • Non-Original Music by Johann Pachelbel (from "Cannon")
  • Cinematography by Werner Klinke
  • Film Editing by Alex E. Goitein


  • School is Out, Love is In.


Graduates of an all-girl high school - Kippy, Sarah, Michelle, Peaches and Alison - attempt to lose their virginity during a two-week bicycle trip with their seemingly repressed teacher Miss Woodruff. The girls hold a contest to see who can lose their virginity in the most creative and original manner. (Movieweb)

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