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  • Name: Kentotis Alvin Foree
  • Born: February, 29th 1948
  • Place: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Occupation: Actor/Producer


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Large, likable and muscular actor Ken Foree was born as Kentotis Alvin Foree on February 29, 1948 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Foree attended Loyola University in Chicago and studied acting at Michael Shulman's Performing Gallery in New York City. He began his career in Off-Broadway theater and worked as an assistant manager at a restaurant in Greenwich Village in order to keep himself afloat during his salad days. Ken made his film debut in "The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings." He's since essayed a substantial array of often strong and commanding characters on either side of the law in both movies and television alike. Foree gave a fine and impressive performance as tough swat team officer Peter Washington in George Romero's outstanding "Dawn of the Dead." He also had a sizable supporting part in Romero's offbeat follow-up feature "Knightriders." Ken was marvelously engaging as affable cop Buford "Bubba" Brownlee in Stuart Gordon's splendid "From Beyond" and once again solid as rugged survivalist Benny in "Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III."

Foree has portrayed hard-nosed police officers in such pictures as "The Dentist," "Sleepstalker," "True Blood," and "Terror Squad." He had a nice cameo as a stern televangelist in the excellent "Dawn of the Dead" remake. More recently Ken had a terrific role as super mack daddy pimp Charlie Altamont in "The Devil's Rejects" and made a brief, yet memorable appearance as rough'n'tumble truck driver Big Joe Grizzley in Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake. Foree showed a softer and more sensitive side as father Roger Rockmore on the hit Nickelodeon TV series "Kenan & Kel." He also played a recurring part on the popular daytime soap opera "General Hospital." Among the TV shows Ken has done guest spots on are "Due South," "The X Files," "Babylon 5," "Matlock," "Dallas," "Cheers," "Quantom Leap," "Hunter," "Beauty and the Beast," "Moonlighting," "Knight Rider," "The Fall Guy," "Benson," "The A-Team," "Hill Street Blues," "The Dukes of Hazzard," and "Kojak." His hobbies include surfing, boxing, weightlifting, and watching basketball. In addition, Foree enjoys history and traveling. Ken Foree lives in Los Angeles.

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