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Chih-Hung Kwei (December 20, 1937 — October 1, 1999) was born in Guangzhou, China. He grew up in Taiwan where he later studied drama and film in school. He participated in several projects immediately after he graduated. Invited by Shaw Brothers Studios to come to Hong Kong, Kuei worked as assistant to directors such as Ho Meng Hua and Chang Cheh, building his reputation as one of the hottest assistant directors in town.

Kuei made his directorial debut in 1970 co-directing Love Song Over The Sea (1970) with Si Ma Shan (Shut Ma Saan) and Yang Fan. Although Kuei started with commercial films such as A Time For Love (1970), he later found his niche with gritty, realistic dramas and crime thrillers. Among his representative works at Shaw Brothers were The Tea House (1974), Big Brother Cheng (1975) The Killer Snakes (1975) and several for the crime series The Criminals, which firmly established his reputation as one of the top crime thriller directors.

After making his last project Misfire in 1984, he retired from film and settled in the US. Hung died in 1999 when he was 62. [1]

Chih-Hung Kwei's son Ming Beaver Kwei is also in the movie industry.


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