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Two lowlifes and a floozy kidnap a rich man's young daughter and scram for the jungles of South America. When they arrive at their destination they find out from their contact/guide that they need to get across a border with a check point which runs right through a known cannibal tribe's chomping grounds. The three criminals and the little girl have to travel by foot down a road that goes around the checkpoint so they won't get caught. They make it to their rendezvous where their guide picks them up again. When their jeep overheats, their guide goes into the woods to get some water (bad idea). Soon the cannibals smell dinner and grab the female and bring her back to their village where they proceed to cut her up, well, more like tear her apart and eat her innards. Some nice gore in there.

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Meanwhile, the criminals decide to leave without the guide and they make it to a small house where they will hold up until they get some money in exchange for the child. One of the criminals is turned on by the daughter of the man who lives at the house but instead of asking the girl out, he ties her to a tree and rapes her for about 10 minutes. After this, the girl cries and her father finds her and brings her back to the home where she proceeds around and strip in front of the others. So much for the rape theory. When the rich man gets word of the criminals whereabouts, he and his wife travel down to cannibal country and with the help of the local police, form a hunting party to take down the thugs and rescue their daughter. When the thugs find themselves cornered they take off into the jungle and the police force chase them. This footchase goes on and on and on and on. Finally theres a break in the monotony when the cannibals grab a couple of the criminals and have them over for dinner.

Being a big fan of Cannibal subgenre films I was looking forward to watching Cannibal Terror, but it turned out to be a very dull experience. The cannibals were basically Latin dudes with painted faces and wigs. One guy even had sideburns, cuz you know those cannibals are always in style. I can't say this one is worth a recommendation, it just doesnt have anything in it that makes it entertaining.


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