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Comments for Black Dragon's Revenge

Ron Van Clief plays...Ron Van Clief, an old friend of Bruce's who goes to Hong Kong to investigate the late star's death. When Ron arrives, he meets up with a fellow martial arts expert (a white guy who has Bruce's hair style and dresses like him) and they soon have a run in with a local Chinese gang who think they're up to no good. This is of course a very low budget kung fu film but its also really entertaining. In classic Grindhouse kung fu style, the score for the film is stolen. Its mostly diff Morricone tracks lifted from the film: The Battle of Algiers. I couldve sworn that a lot of the fight sound FX for the film were lifted from Enter The Dragon, specifically the noises from when Bruce is fighting Han's army in the underground plant. On the DVD commentary track for this film Ron states that Black Dragon's Revenge was a big hit when it was released, especially on The Deuce in NYC!! - Pete R.

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