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Before Duke Mitchell made Massacre Mafia Style & Gone With The Pope, he was in a nightclub act with Sammy Petrillo in the 50s. The two were the poor man's Martin & Lewis. Duke wasnt an exact copy of Dino, but Sammy was a complete Jerry Lewis clone. He looked like him, laughed like him, talked like him, basically he was imitating Jerry 100%, but was more annoying and not as funny. In the film, the two play a nightclub duo (shock) who find themselves stuck on a tropical island called Cola Cola. Duke gets it on with a hot native girl while Sammy is stuck with a chubber named Saloma (he calls her Salami). For awhile I didnt know if Bela Lugosi was even in the film, but he finally shows up as a mad scientist. His goal is to try to change a human into a gorilla. When Bela finds out that Duke is plying his olive oil charm on his native babe assistant, he decides that Dukey should be his human guinea pig. So Duke ends up turning into an ape and more hilarity ensues. This movie was really enjoyable to me. First it was very cool to see a young Duke Mitchell. He even croons a few tunes in the movie including "Do I Love You" (do I love you/yes indeedy I do...), and hes great! Sammy/Jerry: throughout the film he runs around, screams at Salami: "keep your mitts off me!" alot, tells really bad nightclub jokes, laughs loudly at himself, pauses and makes an uncomfortable face. Hes not entirely terrible, but if youre a Jerry fan (as I am) its tough to watch him doing his schtick in certain scenes. Still, the movie is a zany little 50s cult screwball comedy you should check out. -- Pete R.

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