Behind the Nudist Curtain

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Behind the Nudist Curtain (1964, USA) is a Nudie film directed by Doris Wishman.


Main Details

  • Released on September 11, 1964
  • Color
  • Running time: 71 minutes
  • Production Co.: Juri Productions
  • Distribution Co.: Atlantic Pictures
  • Directed by Doris Wishman
  • Written by Martin Samuels and Doris Wishman
  • Starring: Lee Abell, Betty Andrews, Janice Coughlin

Plot Summary

  • Private eye Sam Dennison is relaxing at a nudist camp when he receives an assignment to find international spy Mr. X, who receives information from night club entertainers around the world. Sam travels to Vegas, Hong Kong, Thailand, Paris, Haiti, Mexico, Hawaii, Berlin and Tokyo, watching lovely women perform, and stopping back at the nudist camp (which he is attempting to buy from its beautiful owner, Martha).


  • It's all new, and oh, so intimate... A private-eye's discovery of WHAT MAKES NATURE GIRLS TICK!
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