Barry McKenzie Holds His Own

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Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (1974, AUS) is a Sex-Comedy film directed by Bruce Beresford.


Main Details

  • Released in 1974 | Color
  • Running time: 93 minutes
  • Production Co: Reg Grundy Productions
  • Directed by Bruce Beresford
  • Written by Bruce Beresford, Barry Humphries
  • Produced by Bruce Beresford
  • Starring Barry Crocker, Barry Humphries, Donald Pleasence
  • Music by Peter Best
  • Cinematography by Donald McAlpine
  • Film Editing by John Scott, William M. Anderson

Plot Summary

  • Barry McKenzie's Aunt Edna is kidnapped by Count Von Plasma, the vampire head of an isolated Eastern European dictatorship who mistakes her for the Queen of England and thinks that kidnapping her will draw tourists to his country. Barry and his mates set out to rescue her and bring her back to Australia.


  • Hard on the heels of evil...soft on the lips of sheilahs! | Hold your horses! Hold everything! You'll be holding your sides when... | HOLD IT! BAZZA'S BACK | This is a XXXX Brilliant Film - Sir Les Patterson, Australian Minister of Culture | Barry Humphries in the film that turned Australia upside down!

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