Bad Girls Dormitory

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Bad Girls Dormitory (1986, USA) is a Women In Prison film directed by Tim Kincaid.


Main Details

  • Released in 1986
  • Color
  • Running Time: 95 Min.
  • Production Co: Entertainment Concepts | Tri-Bar
  • Directed by Tim Kincaid
  • Written by Tim Kincaid
  • Starring Carey Zuris, Teresa Farley, Natalie O'Connell, Rick Gianasi, Marita, Jennifer Delora
  • Produced by Cynthia De Paula, Sam Silverstein
  • Cinematography by Arthur D. Marks

Plot Summary

  • Inmates at a women's prison run by a corrupt warden and her gang of sadistic guards plan a breakout.


  • How Far Will They Go To Survive?
  • Too Young for Maximum Security ... Too Dangerous for Juvenile Hall!
  • These Bad Girls Don't Get Much Sleep!
  • A tough place to live...but an easy place to die!
  • No Man Is Safe

Also Known As

  • Bad Girls (Germany)
  • Bunt wiezniarek (Poland)
  • Dormitory Girls (USA - video catalogue title)
  • Escape from Bad Girls Dormitory (USA - working title)
  • Kova kakku (Finland)
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