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  • Region A
  • Studio: Severin Films
  • new 2K scan of the uncut film from original 16mm negative
  • TBR September 2018
  • Also available in "The Man-Eater Bundle" which includes a double sided Video Nasty slipcase for Anthropophagus and Absurd, plus an Absurd CD Soundtrack, Anthropophagous Monster & Joe D’Amato Enamel Pins, Anthropophagous T-Shirt, as well as a very special Limited Edition Anthropophagous Toy Plush Doll!
  • Special Features: Don’t Fear The Man-Eater: Interview with Writer/Star Luigi Montefiori a.k.a. George Eastman; The Man Who Killed The Anthropophagus: Interview with Actor Saverio Vallone; Cannibal Frenzy: Interview with FX Artist Pietro Tenoglio; Brother And Sister In Editing: Interview With Editor Bruno Micheli; Inside Zora’s Mouth: Interview with Actress Zora Kerova; Trailers; Reversible Wrap
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  • Region B
  • Studio: 88 Films
  • 2K remastered edition
  • August 2017


  • coming soon from Nameless

  • Movie is banned (update: no more, since August 2022)
  • Probably not the new 2k master
  • Label: Cinestrange extreme
  • July 2017
  • Four different 4-disc mediabook editions (limited to 1000, 500, 500 and 1000 copies)
  • Includes original cut and German theatrical cut on BluRay. The German theatrical cut is remastered from a theatrical reel copy in 2k
  • DVD includes censored Italian cut, made before the theatrical release, but never used.
  • Audio CD with the original soundtrack
  • Extras: two featurettes with George Eastman and Mark T. Ashworth, two super 8 versions, a bonus scene, galleries and trailersl
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