Andy Milligan Double Feature (BluRay)

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Andy Milligan was one of the most significant underground filmmakers working in 60's sexploitation. Presented here are two of his crucial early works:

SEEDS (1968): a family reunion over Christmas reignites long simmering tensions and rekindles dangerous sexual affairs. But, as buried secrets are revealed, a mysterious killer begins murdering the perverse family members one by one in increasingly sadistic ways…

VAPORS (1965): Milligan's debut film, a lonely young man named Thomas visits a public steam bath where he meets an enigmatic stranger named Mr. Jaffee. As the night unfolds, Thomas finds himself in a hellish and perverse world of sexual misery.

Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpix present SEEDS & VAPORS, newly restored in 4K from their negative elements, with SEEDS available in its original and director's cut for the first time in nearly 50 years!

Special Features and Technical Specs: NEWLY SCANNED AND RESTORED IN 4K from a mixture of 35mm & 16mm vault elements • "SEEDS OF SIN" – alternate feature length sexploitation version • "VAPORS" – short film directed by Andy Milligan • Interview with John Borske (writer / SEEDS) • Interview with Gerald Jacuzzo (lead actor / VAPORS) Q&A from the Quad Cinema NYC screening in 2017 with John Borske, Gerald Jacuzzo and Patricia Dillon (actress / SEEDS) • Original theatrical trailer • Still gallery • English SDH Subtitles

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