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In this Taiwanese production, Martial Arts star Wang Tao plays Sacred Cloud, a mute fighter who is seeking revenge against the Black Dragon Gang. As you watch you'll notice that this film was a partial remake of Sergio Leone's Once Upon A Time In The West. The film also lifts the flashback scenes from Leone's classic featuring a young Harmonica, (the older played by Charles Bronson) trying to hold his brother up on his shoulders, since his brother has a noose around his neck.


After taking out one of the Black Dragon Gang's main fighters and leaving his Sacred Cloud emblem in his lifeless hand, the Black Dragon Gang and their leader the Hunchback (Tommy Lee) know that they have trouble headed their way. Sacred Cloud also has another fighter thats shadowing him, a government agent (Tung Wei) who who smokes using a cigarette holder. This character is similar to Cheyenne (Jason Robards) from Once Upon A Time In The West. In a different take, Sacred Cloud has a sidekick in this story. A young Chinese boy (Chi Kuang Lung) who follows him. The kid calls Sacred Cloud "Uncle Dumb" because he doesn't talk. This adds some humor to their relationship. "Uncle Dumb" doesnt seem to mind this, so when the kid asks him questions he just nods.

One could say that the dialogue in this film isn't well written, but then again, kung fu films aren't known for their deeply thought out plotlines and top notch dialogue. Most kung fu films are based around some kind of simple revenge plotline or fighting tournament stories. There are some good kung fu scenes in this film, but overall, nothing truly outstanding. Along Comes The Tiger is good for some laughs, but its certainly not one of the classics of the genre.


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