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Affair aka French Love is a 1974 softcore/sexploitation film by Claude Pierson, who is credited as Andrée Marchand, and written by Huguette Boisvert (credited as Élisabeth Leclair). The music is in fact by the prolific and still active Italian composer Armando Trovajoli.


Main Details

  • Color; 88min
  • Distributor: Intercontinental (1976) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed)
  • Ratings: X (USA)
  • Starring: Jean-Michel Dhermay, Lucretia Love, Mauro Parenti, Paola Senatore

Also known as

  • French Love (UK)
  • Oppression (France, video)
  • Un amour comme le nôtre (France, original title)
  • Voglia di lei (Italy)
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