A Thousand Pleasures

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A Thousand Pleasures (1968, USA) is a Sexploitation film directed by Michael Findlay (as "Julian Marsh")


Main Details

  • Released in 1968
  • Black&White
  • 70 Minutes
  • Producer: Rivamarsh Productions
  • Distributed by: American Film Distribution
  • Directed by: Michael Findlay (as "Julian Marsh")
  • Produced by: Micheal and Roberta Findlay ("Julian Marsh" and "Anne Riva")
  • Photography: Roberta Findlay (As "Anne Riva, S.E.C.")
  • Editing: Michael Findlay (As "Richard Jennings")
  • Music: "Robin Aden" (A cover-all name for the stock music used in Findlay films)
  • Theme Song: "Is It On, Is It Off?" by the Bit-a-Sweet (Uncredited)
  • Starring: Janet Banzet (As "Marie Brent"), Micheal Findlay (As "Robert Wuesterwurst"), Uta Erickson (As "Artemidia Grillet"), Linda Boyce (As "Linda Mactavish"), Kim Lewid, John Amero (As "Duke Ellsworth"), Donna Stone
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