A Bullet for Rommel

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A Bullet for Rommel is a Spanish-Italian war movie directed by Leon Klimovsky. To learn more about the genre of Italian war movies, see our introduction to Macaroni Combat films.


Main Details

  • Year of release: 1969 (Spain, Italy), 1975 (Germany)
  • Director: Leon Klimovsky
  • Written by: Massimo de Rita, Arduino Maiuri, Manuel Sebares, Jose Luis Merino (Story)
  • Starring: Jack Palance, Andrea Bosic, Carlos Estrada, Antonio Pica
  • Music: Armando Trovajoli

Also known as

  • Hora cero: Operación Rommel (Spain, original title)
  • Hell's Brigade: The Final Assault (USA)
  • Panzerschlacht an der Marne (Germany)
  • The Fall of the Giants (Norway)
  • L'urlo dei giganti (Italy)
  • The Fall of the Giants (UK)
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